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Director of School Safety/ District Police Chief
Closing Date:  1/11/23
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Help in the creation and implementation of a district police department.  Once created, direct and manage the District Police Department by coordinating the daily operations of department to provide a safe environment for students and staff. Maintain and enforce municipal, county, state and federal ordinances and laws as well as policies, directives, and standards of the District.
Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent law enforcement experience, Master’s Degree Preferred
Texas Peace Officer license from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE)
Minimum of an Advanced Peace Officer license
Valid Texas driver’s license
207 day professional contract, $48,000 - $69,000 annually based on years of experience
Special Knowledge/Skills:
Strong communication, public relations, organizational, and interpersonal skills
Ability to manage budget and personnel effectively and efficiently
Computer and technology literacy and extensive knowledge with multiple computer platforms, programs, and systems
Knowledge of overall operations of a police department and the criminal justice system
Knowledge of criminal investigation methods and techniques, police report writing, and criminal law
Knowledge of administrative investigation methods, techniques, applicable administrative laws and procedures
Training and ability to subdue offenders, including use of firearms and handcuffs 
Knowledge of Emergency Preparedness and Safety
Bondable as required by Texas Education Code §37.081(h)
A minimum of three years of law enforcement experience or related field – in a supervisory or command capacity is preferred.
Law Enforcement:
1.      Ensure enforcement of all laws including municipal ordinances, county ordinances, and state laws within board policy and jurisdiction of district.
2.      Oversee investigation of criminal activities that occur within jurisdiction of district or support other agencies conducting investigation. 
3.      Provide immediate response to crisis situation in the District.
4.      Serve as district liaison to local law enforcement agencies and juvenile authorities and support other agencies conducting investigations.
5.      Oversee and conduct internal administrative investigations, and formulate defensible investigative conclusions.
Department Management:
6.      Direct the daily operations of the district police department to ensure effective law enforcement and coordinate activities with other department directors and campus principals and other District administrators.
7.      Provide immediate response to crisis situations when called by principals and other administrators.
8.      Assist building administrators with individual campus security planning.
9.      Assist principals, other departments, and administrators with security management and operational procedures for crisis situations.  
10.   Secure Police Officers, security guards and other personnel for special events to provide security.
11.   Assign officers and other personnel to provide traffic control in school zones and at District events.
12.   Coordinate enforcement activities with other department directors and campus principals and work cooperatively to develop and implement preventative security programs and other safety programs.
13.   Investigate and make recommendations on all complaints and accusations made against district police officers or staff.
14.   Be aware of recent court rulings pertaining to police activity and ensure compliance of district police officers to minimize liability.
15.   Participates on committees and task forces as a District representative.
16.   Serve as district liaison to local law enforcement agencies and juvenile authorities
17.   Develop procedures for safe handling and use of firearms.
18.   Investigates the use of deterrent devices and systems to ensure safety in the schools.
19.   Assist in developing and maintaining a comprehensive District plan for the protection of students, staff and facilities.  
20.   Assist in maintaining a District-wide Crisis Management Plan
21.   Provide personal protection, campus safety and crime prevention in service training for District staff, students and parents.  
22.   Maintain plan to increase effectiveness of deterrence activities.
23.   Coordinates work of the District alarm system provide resolving problems and making recommendations for improved services.
24.   Oversee and keep updated inventory of all TISD surveillance and security systems including security cameras.
25.   Work with vendors/contractors on keeping security systems equipment upgraded and maintained.
26.   Research and implement the TISD First Responders program.
Personnel Management:
27.   Supervise development and implementation of departmental needs assessment as it pertains to the departmental manning table.
28.   Supervise and schedule police officers and staff assigned to department to ensure maximum coverage with existing manpower efficiently.
29.   Prepare, review and revise police department job descriptions and department procedures.  
30.   Interview, recommend, train, supervise, and evaluate staff members of the police department.
31.   Develop training options and improvement plans.
32.   Coordinate annual in-service training and firearms qualifications for Police Officers.
33.   Evaluate job performance of employees to ensure effectiveness.
34.   Make sound recommendations about personnel selection, placement, transfer, retention and dismissal.
35.   Keep accurate records and documentation.
36.   Communicate policies, guidelines, and expectations to staff by conducting weekly meetings and regular effective communication.
37.   Create a Security Officer Training Academy for incoming security officers and continuous training programs for current staff.
38.   Create a Crosswalk Guard Training Academy for all incoming crosswalk guards along with continuous training for current staff.
39.   Ensure training is provided for al Police Officers in accordance with TCOLE and TISD requirements.
40.   Maintain and keep updated records of property room for storage of weapons, contraband, evidence, found property and other items confiscated on district property.
41.   Ensure that department operations are cost effective and funds are well managed.
42.   Compiles, implements and manages budgets and cost estimates based on documented department needs.
43.   Prepares list of annual priorities.
44.   Recommend policies and programs to improve department and the district.
45.   Compile, maintain, and file all reports, records, and other documents required.
46.   Product and distribute periodic reports of Police Department activities.
47.   Keep updated inventory of weapons.
48.   Keep Police vehicles maintained and all security equipment updated for staff.  
Supervise and evaluate performance of police officers, security guards, traffic control employees, clerical staff, and other members of the department.
District vehicles, firearms, handcuffs, alarm systems, security camera systems, various other police equipment, radio system, personal computer, printer and copier
The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations will be made if necessary.
Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:
Maintain emotional control under stress. Strenuous walking, standing, and climbing; ability to operate a motor vehicle; specific hearing and visual requirements, directing traffic, ability to control sudden violent or extreme physical acts of others and exhibit rapid mental and muscular coordination simultaneously.  May be subject to adverse and hazardous working conditions, including violent and armed confrontations.  Work outdoors in varying climate conditions; drive in different areas of district at odd hours; on call 24 hours a day.
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