Please contact the district or school with any questions regarding this position.

Educational Diagnostician:  FREESTONE NAVARRO BI-COUNTY COOP

Primary Purpose:
To provide consultation to teachers, parents, support personnel, and community agencies concerning
implementations of the student’s individual educational plan and strategies for learning. Responsible
for the assessment of intelligence and of educational functioning and for the collection and analysis of
data pertaining to sociological variables for the student.

Salary: In accordance with the annual salary schedule approved by the Management Board of the
Freestone-Navarro Bi-County Co-Op. 11 months / 202 days per year, term or probationary contract, as

Minimum Certification/ Education:
Masters degree in education with an appropriate Texas Diagnostician certificate.

Special Knowledge/ Skills:
Patience and understanding of the needs in dealing with children with disabilities. Must have the ability
to communicate with children having various levels of disabilities and their parents; and a general
understanding of their individual needs.

Major Responsibilities and Duties:
1. Recommends policies and programs essential to the needs of exceptional children.
2. Keeps informed of and complies with all policy and regulation requirements, both state and
district governing special education.
3. Assists in establishing new programs and developing understanding of existing programs for
both the individual campus and Co-op.
4. Assists in the development and initiation of programs for continuous identification of
exceptional children for both the individual campus and Co-op.
5. Assists in establishing procedures for placement, evaluation, assignment, and reappraisal of
students with regard to the special education program.
6. Assists in the development of procedures for referral, securing medical records, psychological
examination, and placement for both the individual campus and Co-op.
7. Evaluates the child according to guidelines established by the Texas Education Agency, Board
policies and administrative procedures.
8. Observes the student in various settings prior to the administration of tests.
9. Selects valid and appropriate evaluation instruments based on students’ needs and strengths.
Examiners should select instruments with which they are proficient.
10. Considers all suspected conditions and components of the evaluation.
11. Consults with other professionals throughout the evaluation process.
12. Respects all formal in informal evaluation data.
13. Encourages the evaluation team to function as a cohesive unit, focusing on the whole child.
14. Encourages active and appropriate parent participation in the evaluation process. Ensure that
all communications with parents are clearly understood.

II. Instructional Support
1. Assists the special education teacher in the analysis of assessment data and implementation of
the IEP.
2. Facilitates specialized instruction in the SE and RE classroom.
III. Non-Instructional Activities
1. Performs other related duties as assigned.
2. Has a clear sense of the mission of the district, Co-op and actively participates in planning and
decision making in order to accomplish the mission.
3. Follows school policies and procedures.
4. Engages in continuous education to increase knowledge of the field and enhance job
5. Adheres to high ethical standards.

IV. Student, Parent, Teacher, Administration and Staff Relations
1. Consults with parents of students enrolled in the program.
2. Established and maintains open lines of communication with students and parents, teachers
and administrators.
3. Communicates well with parents.
4. Communicates well with all school personnel.
5. Accessible to school administrators and teachers.
6. Conveys honest, accurate information with integrity, empathy and respect for confidentiality.
7. Uses language that all members of the evaluation team understand.
8. Develops and maintain a congenial working relationship with other professionals and
9. Establishes and maintains open lines of communication with teachers and administrators.
10. Develops and maintains a congenial working relationship with paraprofessional staff.

V. Efficiency of Paperwork & Time Management Skills

1. Assists with development and maintenance of complete and cumulative individual records of all
Children receiving special services or enrolled in special classes.
2. Maintains accurate and complete records as required by rules of the State Board of Education,
Policies of local boards and administrative procedures.
3. Schedule ARDs in a timely manner.
4. Communicates ARD date and time to all school personnel well in advance of the ARD to all
appropriate related service personnel in a timely manner.
5. Uses good time management skills.
6. Locks ARDs within one week of being held.
7. Locks FIEs within one week of being held.
8. Turns in neat, complete, accurate paperwork to be processed in the Co-op office.