Please contact the district or school with any questions regarding this position.
Job Title:  Title I, Part A Instructional Aide
Reports to:  Principal and Teacher(s)
Assigned Pay Grade:  Local Schedule/TBD
Dept./School:  As assigned

Primary Purpose:  Provide instructional support services. Assist teacher in instruction, preparation, and management of classroom activities. Work under direct supervision of teacher.

Qualifications:Education/Certification: High School Graduate; Some college preferred

Special Knowledge/Skills:  Ability to assist in instructing reading, writing, and mathematics.  Ability to work well with children.  Ability to communicate effectively

Experience:  Some experience working with children

Major Responsibilities and Duties:  Instructional Support
1.Provide direct instruction of students under direct supervision of teacher.
2.Conduct instructional exercises assigned by the teacher; work with individual students or small groups.
3.Assist in classroom management.
4.Conduct parent involvement activities.
5.Assist teacher in preparing instructional materials and classroom displays.
6.Assist with administration and scoring of objective testing instruments or work assignments.
7.Help maintain neat and orderly classroom.
8.Help with inventory, care, and maintenance of equipment.
9.Help teacher keep administrative records and prepare required reports.
10.Provide orientation and assistance to substitute teachers.Student Management
11.Help supervise students throughout school day, inside and outside classroom. This includes lunchroom, bus, and playground duty.
12.Keep teacher informed of special needs or problems of individual students.
13.Participate in staff development training programs to improve job performance.
14.Participate in faculty meeting and special events as assigned.
15.Maintain confidentiality.
16.Maintain a professional relationship with colleagues, students, parents and community members.

Would consider part time.

Contact Kelly Ott, Principal @