Please contact the district or school with any questions regarding this position.

Follow routine cleaning and maintenance procedures to maintain a high standard of safety, cleanliness and efficiency of building operations and grounds.  
  • Qualifications:
          - High school diploma or GED
         - Ability to read and understand instructions for cleaning, maintenance and safety procedures
         - Knowledge of minor repair techniques and building maintenance
         - Ability to operate cleaning equipment and lift heavy equipment
         - Ability to properly handle cleaning supplies
         - Ability to work independently.
  • Compensation: The job is  212 days and pays $10.00-$18.10/hour($16,960-$30,698) plus benefits based on ability and experience.
  • Major Responsibilities and Duties:
         - Maintain a cleaning schedule that will include cleaning and sanitizing of floors, whiteboards, wastebaskets, windows, furniture, equipment and restrooms.
         - Keep school building and grounds, including sidewalk, driveways, parking lots and play areas, neat and clean.
         - Comply with local laws and procedures for storage and disposal of trash.
         - Assist in maintaining an inventory of cleaning supplies, equipment and request additional supplies as needed.
         - Perform preventive maintenance to ensure the comfort, health and safety of students and staff.
  • Open until Filled.

To Apply please visit and look for the Employment Link under District Info or call/email Asst. Superintendent Jonathan Eggerman at 254-875-2331 ( for more information.