Please contact the district or school with any questions regarding this position.
Job Goal:
Candidate is responsible for data and strategic planning as it relates to the TCLAS grant objectives. This is a grant position that is funded from January 2022 to August 2024.  
•   Teacher’s or Administrator’s Certification
•   Master’s Degree (required)
•   Five years of experience as a classroom teacher or other relevant experience (administrator experience preferred)
Skill Requirements:
·         Combine list of current data systems, identify strengths and areas for improvement, determine best solutions moving forward
·         Responsible for year-long and improvement cycle metrics and data collection plan
·         Must support in setting year-long and cycle goals, metrics, and ongoing data collection
·         Must support in preparation including data collection, analysis, visualization, and storytelling
·         Managing and Creating Data/Progress Monitoring Resources: Overseeing, improving, and when necessary developing data trackers, dashboards, and protocols to support in the performance management and continuous improvement of strategies aligned to RSSP 1a strategic plan
·         Generally:
o   Building, maintaining, and reporting out of data dashboards aligned to RSSP 1a strategic plan
o   Creating data systems and resources when gaps or areas of improvement are identified
o   Analyzing and creating visualizations of the data
o   Communicating data to various stakeholders
·         Weekly/Bi-Weekly LEA meetings with LEA’s RSSP Lead, team, and technical assistance provider (and ad hoc meetings as LEA’s RSSP lead designates)
·         Bi-weekly/Monthly Data Fellow FTE PLC Sessions
·         Monthly Check-Ins with LEA’s RSSP Lead and TEA’s RSSP Team
·         3 Times a  Year Improvement Reviews 
·         Work to support the district and complete all assurances outside of meeting times listed above
·         Optional Monthly/Bi-Monthly Office Hours, Data Fellow Collaboration Opportunities and Additional Professional Learning Opportunities
·         Assisting in data monitoring beyond 1a COVID Recovery and Learning Acceleration Strategic Plan priorities (i.e., monitoring district-wide 3rd grade reading reporting)
·         Furthering current data systems (i.e., tapping into attendance data, discipline data, etc. to build a more holistic idea view of student performance measures)
·         Reporting out metrics to school and district leadership
·         Co-leading professional development opportunities to teach others how to navigate data systems
·         Monitoring alignment with other TEA initiatives or programs (i.e., tutoring)
·         Developing, monitoring, or reporting out metrics related to plans aligned to closing opportunity and achievement gaps
·         Leveraging data to improve culture (i.e., shifting negative connotations of data collection to viewing data collection as a source of empowerment & understanding needs better)
·         Seeking to measure early learning
·         Collaborate with Campus Interventionist to ensure that the High-Dosage Tutoring program is effective
·         Managing digital platforms for tutoring interventions and supporting teachers in the progress monitoring process
Non-Data Hard Skills 
  • Software Utilization 
    • Previous experience and expert knowledge of the district's data platform [Google Suites, DMAC, etc.]
    • Proficient in data management softwares and leverages them consistently to improve their work
  • Design and Facilitate teacher and leader support 
    • Develop and execute professional development to ensure leaders and teachers are able to utilize software applications
Data Skills 
  • Data Visualization 
    • Organize, manipulate, and summarize data in various formats
    • Transfer (and transform) data from different platforms into usable contexts
    • Produce clear, clean charts, graphs or other data representations
  • Data Analysis 
    • Transform the use of data to drive outcome, influence actions, and shift mindsets
    • Produce data that is reliable and consistently available. Data can be “cut” in multiple ways using appropriate tools to manipulate the data
    • Perform quantitative and qualitative analysis on RSSP (and core strategic issues) for the district, and synthesize insights from these analyses
    • Understand the data sources and audience to ensure proper representation of findings
    • Provide timely analysis to support data-driven decisions for complex projects. Align with initiative owners and senior leaders on key performance measures and outcomes
  • Data Storytelling
    • Serve as a storyteller of the data, understanding that data solutions are best rooted in stories. Leveraging and understanding staff- and student-experiences on the ground in schools to improve, validate, and further one’s data
    • Data monitoring including root cause analysis and action planning informed by on-the-ground experiences and data analysis
    • Communicate and summarize results of data analysis in written, oral and visual form
    • Updating, creating, and supporting databases and reports with key metrics to guide strategic decisions
  • Data Management
    • Responsible for collecting and cleaning data
    • Responsible for creating a Measurement and Implementation Plan including determining what data is being collected and how it is being collected. Data Fellows will manage data collection and utilization as related to RSSP work
    • Create data structures, systems, protocols, and tools that facilitate performance measurement and continuous improvement 

    • Organize and utilize data in support of student learning objectives
    • Monitor progress including reviewing implementation, measuring outcomes, using predictive analytics to anticipate progress
    • Leverage pre-established systems to collect and manage databases, pulling together available data and transforming if for analytical work
    • Design and maintain internal databases, including the establishment of database standards and controls, management of source data, and assurance of data quality
·         Performs all other tasks and duties as assigned