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SUPERVISES:               NA

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Work with campus staff, students, and/or parents to plan, implement, and evaluate the following programs for the district: testing, textbooks, instructional software, dyslexia, RTI, ESL, and federal programs.


  • Coordinate dyslexia requirements with campuses including teacher training, parent information, progress reports, student evaluations, program evaluations, etc.
  • Maintain an inventory and check-out of dyslexia test kits
  • Verify dyslexic students for the district prior to data submissions including 6-week attendance and PEIMS
  • Protects confidentiality of students and their families 

  • Serve as the district testing coordinator for STAAR, TELPAS, SAT, ACT, TSI, and credit by exam
  • Attend annual district testing coordinator training at the Region Service Center
  • Conduct campus testing coordinator and principal training
  • Conduct technology staff training
  • Ensure all oaths are signed prior to accessing secure materials
  • Review and confirm testing materials including placing orders through the state testing management site according to state deadlines
  • Submit pre code testing files by state deadlines
  • Receive, verify and distribute test materials to campuses
  • Coordinator and plan online test administrations with campus testing coordinators and technology staff
  • Create user accounts for campus and technology staff in state testing management site
  • Coordinate the review and updating of student records through the state testing management site
  • Maintain testing environment and procedures by monitor testing at the campuses
  • Direct the collection of materials from campuses
  • Verify, pack, and ship scorable and non-scorable materials back to the testing contractor
  • Order optional reports, if needed
  • Distribute score reports to the campuses and upload file into Student Information System (SIS), Eduphoria, and sped/504/RTI management software
  • Maintain all required testing records for five years
  • Assist with academic accountability data analysis related to state testing data (passing and progress measures) 

  • Communicate available state-adopted textbook options to campus principals
  • Facilitator textbook selections at the campuses
  • Order textbooks for the campuses through EMAT or directly through the publishers with a reimbursement through EMAT
  • Monitor use of IMA funds
  • Inventory and distribute textbooks to the campuses
  • Maintain a district inventory of all textbooks including campus location
  • Inventory and distribute textbooks to the campuses
  • Set up and maintain campuses, teachers, and students eBook subscriptions
  • Provide and/or arrange training for district and campus staff 

  • Serve as the district administrator for instructional software including LMS, interventions, textbooks, online courses, and supplemental instructional programs
  • Assist with creating and maintaining campus, teacher, and student logins including coordinating with the PEIMS Coordinator on instructional software auto-rostering/integrations
  • Communicate updates to campus staff
  • Resolve campus issues with the software that arise and contact vendor for assistance, if needed
  • Complete end-of-year and beginning-of-year tasks for all systems
  • Conduct training or schedule training with outside vendors, as needed, for district and campus staff
  • Conduct annual evaluation and coordinate renewals of programs 

  • Train campus LPAC committees
  • Monitor completion of campus LPAC requirements
  • Maintain district LPAC records
  • Review records for new LEP students
  • Verify LEP students for the district prior to data submissions including 6-week attendance and PEIMS
  • Administer and/or coordinator administration of commissioner-approved assessments for identification and exit of LEP students within the established timeline
  • Maintain list of current ESL teachers and development a plan, if needed, to increase the number of ESL teachers to meet compliance
  • Submit ESL waiver and supporting documentation, if needed
  • Coordinate Title III program requirements with campuses and Region 12 and maintain required documentation
  • Conduct annual program evaluation
  • Protects confidentiality of students and their families 

  • Develop, implement, and maintain a K-12 district-wide RTI program in coordination with special education director
  • Provides support to staff in use of data and progress monitoring tools/assessments to identify students’ areas of strength and areas for growth
  • Supports campuses in identifying students who need additional supports
  • Supports campuses in identifying and implementing Tier 1 and 2 interventions
  • Oversees data collection and progress monitoring processes
  • Assist in selection of RTI assessments and intervention materials
  • Provides training and technical assistance for campuses as needed in support of the RTI process
  • Coordinate with special education staff for referrals to evaluation for special education 

  • Coordinate program requirements with the Title I campuses
  • Maintain required documentation for Title I compliance
  • Coordinate and lead the district improvement plan committee at least three times per year
  • Coordinate collection and posting of campus improvement plans
  • Assist with arranging translation of needed documents
  • Assist federal program director with ESSA application, compliance report, and any other reporting requirements
  • Provide training and support as needed to Title I campuses 

  • Support the mission and vision of the campus and district
  • Adheres to policies and procedures of the campus and district
  • Comply with policies established by federal and state law, including but not limited to State Board of Education and local Board policy
  • Perform other job-related duties as assigned 

  • Three years as a teacher or related experience.  Prior experience and knowledge of LEP/ESL, RTI, dyslexia, and state testing preferred.
  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university and valid Texas Certificate.
  • LEP/ESL, RTI, dyslexia, and state testing preferred. 
  • Interact effectively with campus staff and parents 
  • Communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing
  • Operate standard computer and software applications, including, but not limited to electronic mail, word processing, spreadsheets, databases and presentations and comfortable learning other online software systems
  • Organize and prioritize work responsibilities with attention to details
  • Duties involve walking, sitting, standing, in-door, and out-of-door activities and some lifting.  
  • Must have and maintain a level of general physical/emotional health which permits effective performance of duties.   
  • Regularly lifts and carries 1 - 25 pounds.  
  • Required high level of mental alertness and requires ability to tolerate high levels of stress.