Please contact the district or school with any questions regarding this position.
 Specific Responsibilities:
  1. To provide students with appropriate learning activities and experiences designed to develop their full potential intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially
  2. To keep parents/guardians informed of their student’s progress by conferences, phone calls, notes, progress reports, or report card comments.  No student should fail without the parent’s or guardian’s prior knowledge of impending failure
  3. To be able to read, review and interpret student performance data
  4. To participate in staff development, training programs, staff meetings, and school sponsored activities, except as otherwise agreed upon with the School Director
  5. Must be able to interact with all students individually and in group settings.  Job entails sitting, walking, bending, climbing stairs, and standing constantly throughout the day, as appropriate.  Light lifting, mostly up to 15 pounds, occasional moderate and heaving lifting
  6. To assist in the pre and post assessment of students
  7. To develop and Individualized Educational Work plan for each student documenting the students’ strength and weaknesses as identified through assessment and evaluation
  8. To facilitate student learning by providing instruction to match the student’s learning styles with as much variety, creativity, preparation, and enthusiasm as possible
  9. To create a classroom environment and manage the class in such a way that the most desirable learning atmosphere is achieved and maintained
  10. To maintain the classroom and other physical equipment in a clean, orderly, and attractive fashion
  11. To prepare and turn in lesson plans each Monday morning for the week.  These plans should include objectives, tests, and materials to be covered.  They will be checked by the School Director.
  12. To maintain a complete record of the quality of a student’s work in the class
  13. To recommend students for tutoring and/or extra class assignments
  14. To plan and execute class sponsored assembly programs
  15. To report to the office all absentees and all tardy students in the class
  16. To document the progress or lack of progress on each student in their respective class
  17. To provide six-week progress reports for each student enrolled in their respective class
  18. To assign pertinent homework assignments based on students’ needs and grade all homework assignments turned in
  19. To prepare and send home for parent/guardian’s signature at the end of each month, all homework assignments, in class assignments and test results
  20. To report to the office any observed infractions of the dress code
  21. To use acceptable communications skills to present information accurately and clearly
  22. To assist in the development of the curriculum selection of textbooks, and other instructional materials
  23. To maintain a positive and concerned attitude toward academic direction and progress of students, and the goals, objectives and mission of the Waco Charter School
  24. To maintain a professional relationship with all students, staff, parents, and community members
  25. To establish and maintain open lines of communication with students, parents, and other staff persons
  26. To present for students a positive role model that supports the goals, objectives, and mission of the Waco Charter School
  27. To notify the Principal as early as possible of an inability to be at school and to provide detailed instructions for a substitute teacher
  28. To comply with all Charter School, Texas Education Agency and Governing Board rules, regulations, and policies
  29. To assume responsibility for compiling, maintaining and filing all reports, records, and other required documents
  30. Knowledge of technology equipment
  31. Other duties as assigned