Please contact the district or school with any questions regarding this position.
Major Responsibilities and Duties:
Vehicle Operation
1.Drive bus daily following assigned route and adhering to established schedules.
2.Drive bus to and from extracurricular activities.
3.Anticipate problems such as traffic, weather, road conditions, and schedule changes and make necessary adjustments to ensure student safety and reduce delays.
4.Perform pre- and post-trip inspections according to specifications to ensure bus can be operated safely and notify supervisor of needed repairs. Keep assigned bus clean and maintain appropriate level of fuel.
5.Report all accidents, vehicle damage, student injuries, and mechanical problems and complete required corresponding reports.
Student Management
6.Instruct students on safe entering, exiting, and passenger rules and regulations. Supervise students while they board and leave the bus and cross the street.
7.Perform emergency evacuation of students on bus when the situations warrants.
8.Maintain discipline and use effective behavior management control over groups of students. Report student discipline problems to appropriate administrator and communicate with teachers and parents regarding student’s behavior when warranted.
9.Observe all traffic laws and safety regulations for school buses.
10.Ensure proper condition of emergency equipment, such as first aid kit, fire extinguisher, flags, fuses, crowbar, and reflector.
11.Correct unsafe conditions in work area and promptly report conditions that are not immediately correctable to supervisor. Report any hazardous conditions along scheduled route.
12.Install snow chains during inclement weather.
13.Maintain safety certification.
14.Follow district safety protocols and emergency procedures.
15.Operate and monitor two-way radio equipment to communicate with transportation office and other drivers.
16.Complete and maintain accurate, up-to-date, and timely records and reports including but not limited to those related to bus mileage, gas and oil consumption, and number of passengers transported.